We are experts in serious injury cases and handle each case with empathy and care.

If you have been unfortunate enough to have suffered a serious injury then you need a Solicitor who will treat your case with the utmost care and commitment to achieve the best outcome.

Over the past 30 years we have handled a variety of complex and high value cases dealing with brain injury, spinal injury and amputations. Some have resulted in multi-million pound compensation settlements for our clients.

In order to ensure you are properly compensated advice from specialist Solicitors is required. Goldwaters have acted for a number of professionals and given assistance to other legal professionals on the handling and evidence required on their own cases particularly catastrophic cases.

A serious injury affects more than just the injured party. We take the time to get to know all those affected. Family members are often involved in supporting and caring for the injured party and this is taken into account when making your case.


We can ease the stress out of funding your legal case. We offer a variety of methods of funding including ‘no win, no fee’ for certain cases.

1. Conditional fee agreements

Commonly known as ‘no win, no fee’, this method means that you do not have to pay Solicitors fees upfront or as the case proceeds. If you do not win your case then you won’t be liable for our legal fees.

2. Legal expense insurance

This type of funding usually comes with motor insurance, home insurance, travel insurance, credit cards and some bank accounts. Although this can provide payment for some of your legal fees it is normally insufficient for serious injury claims.

3. Private funding

If you choose to use private funding our fees will be charged at an hourly rate. You will be liable to pay expenses whether the case is won or lost.

4. Trade Union

Your Trade Union may be able to provide you with help on legal issues, if you are a member.

Personal Injury Case Studies

Settlement of £4 million
We were instructed by the family of a client who had a serious road traffic accident which left him severely brain injured, in a coma for several months and requiring extensive medical care. There were many issues. These included the insurers contending the client was partly responsible for the accident, the extent of his injuries and needs, he would be unable to live in his own home with a 24 hour care package and whether he needed two carers at night. Our client was successful on all aspects.

Settlement approaching £2 million
Our client was struck by a high powered stolen motor vehicle. We were able to establish the innocent owner’s motor vehicle insurers were liable to settle the claim. He had life threatening heart injuries. As he recovered from his heart condition the impact of the brain injury which affected virtually all aspects of his daily life became clearer. With our skill and expertise we were able to obtain a substantial settlement with our client living independently.

Settlement of £600,000
A digger reversed into our retired client. He sustained an above knee amputation as a result. The main issues in the case were the level of care required, the requirement of ground floor accommodation and private prosthetics (as opposed to the poor quality NHS prosthetics).

Settlement of £80,000
Goldwaters took over the claim of a dissatisfied client who had been offered £4,000 through another firm of Solicitors. It was immediately recognised the medical evidence was insufficient and did not deal with all of the heads of the claim. On obtaining the necessary reports and quantifying the claim the matter settled without the need to issue Court proceedings

Settlement exceeding £2.5 million
Due to our specialism another firm referred a case to us where the now adult client had suffered a serious road traffic accident when he was six years old. He had suffered a brain injury which caused a number of physical, psychological and emotional consequences. There were issues on a range of matters including liability, whether agreement had already been reached, whether the client was able to manage his money, the value of his claim and procedural matters. Appropriate liability, medical and quantum evidence was obtained with the other side eventually accepting the Defendant was completely responsible for the accident and settling the claim for a substantial sum.

“The files maintained by this Deputy are the best I have ever seen. They are extremely detailed, well ordered and well maintained”

“Goldwaters Solicitors enabled my commercial property dispute to be resolved quickly and in a cost effective manner without the need to go to Court”

“Goldwaters deal with all my commercial property work in a prompt and effective manner”

“They have a pragmatic approach to their work and are very amiable and approachable”

“Goldwaters dealt with my brother’s brain injury claim, obtained him a great result and enabled him to lead an independent life through a Deputyship Order”

“Goldwaters considered all appropriate avenues to ensure I obtained the maximum compensation for my personal injury claim”

“My divorce and ancillary relief claim were handled with care and compassion. Goldwaters made the process less stressful than I expected”

“Amjed and Deborah always provide clear and easy to follow advice”

“They are able to explain complex legal issues in a straightforward and easy to understand manner”

“Goldwaters have a substantial in-depth knowledge of the work they do”

“Goldwaters deliver an excellent service, are very thorough and return calls promptly”

“Amjed has outstanding judgment, considerable experience and is able to deal with both high value and complicated cases”

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For over 30 years we have gained a reputation as a leading law firm in our key areas, dealing with a number of high value and complex serious injury claims, civil litigation, property and family.